Habiliss Corporate Services is a one-stop shop for businesses looking to accelerate growth and drive superior outcomes – all with a lean workforce sans the associated cost and operational burdens of hiring and managing employees.

We are a rapidly growing professional services group specializing in providing turnkey solutions to start-ups, small, and mid-size organizations. Our services comprise end-to-end vendor and procurement management including real time market, supplier, sourcing, and category intelligence.

Cost-Benefit Advantage

Having been operational as a leading virtual assistant service firm since 2009 and delivering business services to a varied global clientele, we have established networks of partners and agencies that can help fulfil any request in the shortest possible time and the best possible rates.

Also, our practical knowledge of industry best practices and learnings gained in these years translate into tangible business benefits for you. Put your plans into action quickly and cost-effectively.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Global experience: Nearly a decade of experience working with a varied clientele across the globe.
  • SLA-backed delivery: Efficient process compliance, prompt delivery timelines, accurate and reliable output
  • On-demand scalability: With dedicated resources for each client, we are well equipped to handle peak volumes whenever the need arises.
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified ISMS
  • Cost-effective
  • 24/7 support

About Habiliss

Habiliss is a part of the Enerji group that offers services in the realms of data, content and design space. Habiliss represents the data division of the group and render customized data solutions to diverse industry segments.

Located across three continents, Habiliss is built on the power of harnessing relationships. Our brands have gained coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, Black Book of Outsourcing, all owing to our focus and emphasis on the one unique differentiator, human capital. Habiliss was founded in the year 2009 as a virtual assistant service provider and has served over 6000 clients till date. We help enhance productivity and let the client focus on what matters most, essentially enabling them to prioritize ‘First Things First’.

Our extensive experience in serving individuals from varied industries helped us expand our corporate serviceswith ease. We currently have a number of corporate clients who outsource their various processes to us and have a focussed vision to grow further in this arena in the nearest future.

Procurement Outsourcing

Transforming your procurement process can bring remarkable changes in your organizational effectiveness including increased ROI, enhanced efficiency and productivity, and healthier supplier relationships. Outsourcing your procurement functions, relating to services / supplies required for the everyday functioning of various departments in your organization, say, marketing, accounts or human resources, helps you achieve such objectives seamlessly.

Habiliss’ end-to-end approach to transforming procurement and supplier management assures higher profitability through savings and bottom-line impact, optimization of working capital and mitigation of operational risks, while enabling greater innovation and collaboration. We provide:

  • Real-time market intelligence on commodities and suppliersto help you make informed and nimble business decisions
    • Category intelligence to help you monitor and plan procurement categories in order to streamline supplier business models, spot early warning risk signals, and minimize supply chain disruptions
    • Supplier intelligence including background checks and quality measurements to optimize supplier information and mitigate supplier risk
    • Sourcing intelligence to optimize and accelerate your sourcing decisions while keeping costs under control
  • Strategic sourcing and proactive vendor management to help you optimize cost and improve process
    • Custom research and strategy – tailored solution based on your requirements – for sourcing, spend, and performance management
    • Price benchmarking and spend analysis through real-time market information on pricing enabling you to optimize your budget
    • Capability assessment and sourcing support to identify the right suppliers with high performance capability helping generate value
    • Performance and relationship management to ensure efficient collaboration and quality performance
Connect with us to understand how we can minimize your third party spend and optimize your procurement operations effortlessly. Leverage our industry-specific know-how and innovative analysis tactics to achieve procurement process excellence.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Habiliss Systems strongly believes in following a robust information security system in all our processes to provide the highest quality service to our clients. Our stress on client confidentiality and information security plays an important role in achieving the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification, affirming the fact that we strive to continuously upgrade our security to the most up-to-date standards internationally.

We are proud to declare that we have achieved the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification through our dynamic Information Security Management System (ISMS) that adheres to the highest international security standards covering all major processes such as Operations, HR and Administration, Information Technology and Client Support.

Advantages of working with an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified Company

  • We provide the best customer experience to our clients using latest technology and innovation
  • Our stringent compliance policy ensures client information is always dealt in a highly secure environment
  • Delivery excellence and faster TATs are made possible
  • Following international security standards ensure that there is no possibility of security breaches
  • Maintaining client confidentiality and keeping your trust comes foremost to us

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